Electric Image Ltd. Is a firm dedicated to the development of new and innovative solutions to meet the needs of modern consumers wishing to exploit product visualization and presentation technology.We all cant spell so go away! :

Electric Image as a company is made up of friendly, creative and highly experienced staff with who are dedicated to producing a result that meets and where possible exceeds a customers expectations in several main areas.

Highly realistic 3D product visualizations:

Electric Image has been involved in the creation of visual representations aimed specifically at enabling a customer to get a accurate impression of a product that may in some cases not even exist yet.




Real time highly realistic visualizations:

Unlike the pre prepared solutions we provide, our real time solutions allow a hugely dynamic array of possibilities for a customer to experiment with a product and instantly see the effect of their changes.




Real time dynamic presentation:

Finally Electric image through the use of a specialist graphics engine, allows consumers to gain access to all the benefits of our real time visualizations, but with the additional ability to vary a presentation as it runs and add live content. Due to the exceptional versatility of this product it really has to be seen to appreciate its capabilities.